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tv   [untitled]    April 21, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm PDT

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in the choices we have for athletics. there is not a lot of choice and people choose them because it has been a great experience. people have been there for at least eight years and when people come, they don't usually leave. i would like you to consider polls suggestions and with that, thank you because you've been here all day. >> good afternoon, commissioners. by and told you to please deal with my funny accent. i was not born in this great nation. to be able to address the situation is something that should never be taken for granted.
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as much as they are trying to set a strong message to those that do business, i think it is a little bit on the harsh side. i am a referee. i medical doctor by training. i have a referee because i love the game of soccer. mostly before -- most of the people who play are not professional players. they are trying to open and recreational avenue. you don't want to be in a position that would not give you that pleasure to engage or indulge in a recreational situation. to be able to meet out a punishment as harsh as this is a little unprecedented. one of the violations counted as
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a strike was splitting a field into two. if i have a field for one hour, whatever i do should not be counted against me. the old wise man says to air is cumin and forgive is divine. make do with all of these zero violations, please give a chance to correct those mistakes and i assure no one is going to do that again. thank you. >> is there any other public comment on this issue? >> i have been playing with the league for five years, since mid 2007. i would say 90% of what i do came from the teams we play with
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and against. i've had not -- i have not had much contact with paul what i have had has been helpful and professional. with a tricky situation last year were a team captain died in a ski accident and the whole league was very kind and helpful way they dealt with our team. we are all very grateful for the way they have dealt with us and communicate with this week to week. for what it's worth, i would very much like to stay playing was norcal as an organization. thank you. >> is there any other public comment on this item? >> good afternoon. my name is vincent. i have known paul for probably about 12 years. i played with him in the
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league, and honestly, he is a great guy. i know from speaking to him that he is extremely sorry about the violations that happened. he also wants to correct them. i think he should get -- the given a chance to do that. i have to say that knowing both organizations on a personal level, his organization has always been run excellently. all the teams are dealt with in a very professional way. truthfully, i would like to state play with norcal rather than transition to another league. i did not know that anything has been set up to transition these leagues. the other thing i also want to say is that there has been over 150 different members of the league that e-mail in support of this, so you have a number of people supporting paul. all these people here are supporting him. he has done a great thing for
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all of us. over these past eight years that he has been doing this league, i have met so many people. i have been playing with some of these people for eight years. it is amazing to go and see these people. when you have a community to be part of, that is something that has to be considered in regards to transition. thank you. >> is there any other public comment on this item? >> good afternoon. my name is sylvester. there were another five people that could not stay but they wanted to talk. this is a great need, and it would be really sad to see them have to give it up. i just want to say that --
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excuse me. i have a problem stuttering when i get nervous. paul has been very kind with my team to accommodate my team to play at a certain time because i coach and under 9-year-old soccer team. he has been very kind to accommodate our game times. i have also played for other leagues. i'm not going to say that things, but judges prefer playing for norcal. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. >> is there any other public comment on this item? seeing none, this item is closed.
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am i allowed to ask another question of staff? just so i'm crystal clear on this, on our website, it states what the consequences are of breaking these rules. is that correct? on the permit. but it is stated -- >> there is a section of the website where you go to get the permits, and it stated there, and it stated in writing when you get the action will permit. >> and we are dealing here with a person or entity that had multiple violations. >> i have listed 3. >> right, 3 that we know of. are we in discussion now? here is where i come down on this. i do not want to be overly punitive to this organization because you are clearly
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delivering a tremendous benefit to the community, and our job is to facilitate activity for the people of san francisco, but as the gentleman said, to err is human. once is human, but multiple times is not right. my feeling about this is we either have rules or we do not. i am struggling because i do not want all of the players to suffer, but i also know that if you do not have some kind of consequences for your actions, then the hard work of this department, and what our permit division has been trying to do is all for naught, and who knows who else is breaking the rules and who will continue to break the rules. >> i don't know that i'm terribly sympathetic on this. i'm sorry. >> i'm also sympathetic as well. i'm asking myself whether it --
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what other solution could there be other than the one that is being suggested. when you are given several opportunities to kind of go the straight and narrow, and you look the other way and do something else, it is difficult not to expect that there would be some kind of consequences. you know, there is cause and there is a fact. there's no question about that. the only question that i have to ask here -- because i really -- my gut feeling says this program is a great program. i have known about norcal for many years. i know what they do out in the
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community. that is what my gut tells me. but at the same time, being an administrator of programs, i know that there's consequences when the protocols of any of the programs that i administer are not followed. so i just want to know, and i just want to throw it out there -- is there anything else we could do other than what we're doing now that is being recommended that would be less harsh? i cannot come up with an answer. i really cannot. so i presume that that being the case, i mean, unless somebody comes up with another solution that is less harsh, our hands are tied.
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we have to support the staff recommendation because we know that their resources are limited. we know that we cannot expect them to be 24/7 on any project, and so we have to be supportive of them, but at the same time, i think we have to take a positive line here and hope for the best of norcal coming back into the scene after the suspension is over. >> thank you. seeing no other comments, i will make the following statement. i'm not inclined to grant the appeal. i'm inclined to deny it, purely based on multiple violations. old ones, okay. walt weiss -- we have a problem.
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the third time, it is just unacceptable to me. i would entertain a motion to deny the appeal. >> can i ask something? >> please. >> just for my own sanity here. could we recommend a reduced suspension of nine months or six months? to do? >> i think the net effect is the same thing. the teams all go to the other league. >> the league gets dismantled, right? even if it is for 30 days. >> i further think that we sent the wrong message if we grant the appeal to everybody else, and we put an extra burden on the staff to try to monitor these things. that is my own personal feeling, but i would entertain a motion to deny the appeal. >> so moved. >> it has been moved and seconded?
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all those in favor? aye. oppose? hearing none, thank you. >> we are now on item 14, which is general public comment continued. is there anyone here who would like to make general public, on items that are not on the calendar? seeing none, general public comment is closed. we are now on item 15, which is closed session on existing litigation. item 15a is public comment on all matters pertaining to the closed session. is there any public comment on this item? being none, public comment is closed. we need a vote on whether to go into closed session. >> move to go into closed session. >> second. >> moved and seconded. all those in favor?
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aye >> ok, so we need to make a motion -- >> we have reconvened into open session, which is item 16. item 16a. >> there was no action taken in closed session. so now we vote to elect to disclose any or all discussions? >> so we need a motion. >> move not to disclose. >> second. >> moved and seconded. all those in favor? opposed? hearing none, it is unanimous. >> and 17, commissioners
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matters. any commissioner matters? >> for the love of god, no. >> public comment? item 18, new business agenda setting? >> thank you. >> 19, communications. commissioners, is there any public comment? public comment is closed, and 20 is an adjournment. >> move to adjourn. >> second. >> all those in favor? >> aye. >> item 22 --
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>> good morning. we are here to celebrate the reagan really we are here because of the timing. tomorrow is the anniversary of the san francisco earthquake. it was the earthquake that made us look for other sources of water that were reliable and robust for the entire area. it was the earthquake and the pressure after that that said you need to upgrade to make sure we will continue to get water for two and a half million people the has led us to this program. there are a few projects left, but we are in the middle of the really large regional projects.
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about $2.5 million is being spent right now. the first person to speak about that is merely -- mayor lee. >> thank you to the commissioners who are here, the whole staff. you have done wonders. you are on schedule. i really look of these projects in quite a different way. i am really looking at what they accomplish. i am looking at job creation, and it is a wonderful understanding when you have 3 billion hours said have obtained so far for all the different crafts. this particular project i have been quite interested in, because it is one the shares with san mateo county.
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is one they know is important. it is with six reservoirs' that we manage, and it increases with the improvements. it has been improved. the spillway allows for water runoff to come in and capture that as well, and it continues to reign in the cleanest water we have throughout the state. just talking about their systems, i was asking and exchanging information with there'irs. they seem to have similar challenges. they all point to an interesting situation, and it just read establishes my confirmation that it is so important that we keep our water system in place, not
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only about preparing for the earthquake, and you know we can ensure the public if there is any major seismic event, and water service can be restored within 24 hours. that is important not just to san francisco residence. it is important to our neighbors. earthquake preparedness is one of the most important things i have been working on for a number your's -- a number of years in my previous capacity. we can ensure the public we are in a better position because of our water system and the investment we are making, not just in san francisco. the investments were done in partnership with all the other counties common and not only have we manage it well.
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we have also used every opportunity to do local hiring along the way. local folks have had a good shot at these jobs. we shared this system with the rest of the counties and made sure the standards are continuing one of the most celebrated and innovative engineering feats in the history of our country, so i want to celebrate this milestone. there are three improvements that have converged to this point, and that is worth celebrating. it is worth reminding everybody, when people continue to suggest
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perhaps it is time we take down head ceci -- to take down hetch hetchy, i believe they do not know what they are talking about. the first 35 miles is on hydroelectric power produced by our water system. thank you very much. >> as the mayor said, this is a partnership. people think of this as the san francisco water supply, but it is the regional water. we are in partnership with a lot of folks. with us today is the executive director of the conservation agencies, his vice share, who is also on the city council, and with us is the president of the san mateo county board of
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supervisors and the long-term leader in the city. >> thank you. i really appreciate being here, and i want to say congratulations to the vice chair. i also served many moons ago, and at that time we wanted to work closely with san francisco, because this was a regional project, and everybody wanted to be sure this was done correctly and on budget, and we can rest assured that is the case. what is important -- they call me the queen of disaster, because after krajina -- katrina we started disaster preparedness, but most people think about an earthquake common and the concern is are we going to have the necessary water to take care of individuals thomas --
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individuals to? the answer is yes. i think we have to remember an emergency is not just an earthquake. an emergency could also be a drought, and we have increase the capacity, so that will bring us where we used to be, and that is where we need to be to make sure at the end of the day we are protected and have enough water to continue having the great quality of life throughout the region. i know the mayor mentioned jobs, and we feel the same way here. it is very important these projects have brought lots of jobs for workers throughout san francisco and san mateo county, so it has been a win-win situation for our county and the rest of the regions, and i want to thank the mayor for the great
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partnership they provided, because what i have found, we have worked on many projects, and this is one of many that has created major improvements to our community. we met on the extension to the trans bay terminal. -- the san francisco transit a terminal. the mayor is aggressive in trying to meet the needs of development. we also recognize we are going to have to have capacity of water that is going to allow us to have extended developments in our community, and today is a historic day we are going to make that happen. you are standing here because you did touch the project, and i thank you for that. congratulations. >> thank you, supervisor. our water system comes from
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hetch hetchy. we have been trying to make sure that each area is safe and reliable. we now have a new pipeline, and we have strengthened that connection over calaveras false -- fault. three and four is the next project to come up. we are building a new tunnel under the bay, and when you get to the crystal springs bypass tunnel, we are carrying all the water we needed directly for our customers, if we do not need it for our customers, we store it in this lake, and we can store
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22 billions of dollars -- 22 billions of gallons. we are working on crossing every one of those vaults, and we are in much better shape than we were five years ago. that is done with a lot of people involved. and we have our commission. we have a lot of our leadership here with us today. they have an -- dave is in charge of the people who work to keep this going. they are part of the whole project and part of making it happen. we are trying to make sure your water will have arrived at major distribution points.
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we are very pleased to welcome you. if you want to talk about how you prepare your own home and to be able to get your own information so you are prepared for these kinds of things. >> good morning, everyone. it is a pleasure to be here. i was not planning on speaking, but i always love the opportunity puree good -- now i always love the opportunity. the earthquake showed their resolve to literally result from the ashes. we are all working on this together, and we do take the opportunity, particularly as we are about to celebrate what happened on april 18, to remind everyone the importance of being a good member of the community,
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and you need to be prepared. there are wonderful websites. our department of emergency management has a web site. the fire department offers free and emergency response training, and our message is to educate and keep it on everyone's mind that our priorities should be prepared redness. personally, they are unpreparedness champions, and i thank you for that. it is a priority to be prepared, and the more prepared each of us are individually, the closer we can get to recovery that much sooner. it is infrastructure that is important, but we cannot forget we should be as prepared as possible for our families and work places to be able to be participative, and we know we
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are grateful for the men and women who responded, and i am proud of the fire department, but our resources on a given day are adequate, but in the event of a large-scale disaster, we will need your help. the more we prepare, the better off we will be. but this was upgraded in 1896. new withstood the earthquake -- id withstood the earthquake without any damage. it is the prototype for the hoover dam, but we have had some concrete fall off. next thing we are going to do is go under it for a photo op, and we will invite you to walku


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